Corporate Responsibility

Community Healthcare Trust believes in maintaining strong corporate governance and ethical business practices. Engaging in the communities where we operate and minimizing our environmental impact is beneficial to all our stakeholders – shareholders, tenants, and employees alike.

Implementing smart ESG policies is essential to delivering long-term superior results, resilience and sustained excellence.

Key objectives of our ESG policies are:

Provide an innovative source of capital to healthcare providers in local communities – including many underserved markets

Support our employees and tenants with a safe and healthy environment

Partner with our tenants to develop creative solutions to protect our environment

Deliver long-term, consistent returns to our shareholders

Serve as a well-regarded member of the communities in which we operate

Please click on the link to view the Company’s ESG Guidelines.


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CHCT is committed to sustainable practices, which we intend to embed in our acquisitions, asset management, and risk management processes. Integrating sustainability into our core business practices reduces risk – including risk from climate change, improves the efficiency of our building operations, creates value for our shareholders and communities, and protects our planet.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Benchmarking and monitoring utility usage with the goal of reducing waste whenever possible
  • Utilizing LED lighting, high-efficiency HVAC units, and low flow water fixtures on all newly developed and renovated buildings
  • Providing recycling services at our properties where recycling is available
  • Educating tenants with strategies for minimizing their environmental impact

Please click on the link to view the Company’s Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy